New Chairman Message

New Chairman Message

Dear members and friends,

First of all may I express my heartfelt gratitude to our cofounders Mr. Richard Tao and Dr. Khin Wan Lin for laying such a solid foundation for the chamber. I am grateful that both of them will continue to contribute their talents and connections to the chamber with Richard as our new Honorary Chairman and Dr. Lin remain as our Vice Chairman and President.

We are a privileged generation to witness the miraculous development of China from a desperately poor nation to the second largest GDP powerhouse in the World. It will be my greatest honour to participate in the same transformation of Myanmar. Hong Kong has played a pivotal role in the development of China. It is my wish that it will play just as an important role in Myanmar during this unprecedented new era. Perhaps this time with some help from the Mainland with its very comprehensive industrial and commercial chain to complement our world class Hong Kong service providers.  We hence welcome the participation of likeminded businessmen from Hong Kong, Macau, the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

Being an up and coming developing country in Asia with huge potential Myanmar can contribute to your career and business development. Being part of ASEAN and a relatively underdeveloped country in the region with sophisticated labour force Myanmar can present itself as alternative industrial base for your companies. As one of the biggest and very fertile landmasses in the region Myanmar offers tremendous opportunities for agricultural development.

For those who are familiar with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Myanmar’s role is unparalleled with oil pipes that join China to the Indian Ocean and CITIC building major harbour facilities and township in the West Coast. The Chinese Government will continue to invest heavily in the infra-structure of Yunnan (neighbouring province to Myanmar) for the connectivity to ASEAN and South Asia. All these are foundation stones for your business to build on, may that be to or from or in Myanmar. I have been advocating a business triangle of Myanmar, Hong Kong and Yunnan with Hong Kong together with Macau and Yunnan being stepping stones for international and mainland Chinese companies going to and from Myanmar. This is the same role Hong Kong and Macau have been playing in bringing in international talents and capital to the Mainland whereas Yunnan can be a cultural and business bridge between mainland companies and Myanmar given its close cultural and geographical proximities.

I look forward to your participation in this golden era of Myanmar. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have any needs or enquiries. Your comments are very much appreciated as well.

Hope to see you soon in Myanmar.


Vincent Lam


Chairman, HKMMCCI


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